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4 Yoga Poses That Can Help Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep deprivation is a common problem in older adults. Seniors may have trouble falling asleep or wake up several times in the night, which disrupts their normal sleep pattern. A good night’s rest is essential for both the body and mind to work efficiently throughout the day. Studies show that people who practice yoga on a regular basis have improved quality of sleep. The following are a few favorite yoga poses from Santa Clarita caregivers that can help seniors fall and stay asleep.

1. Dissolving Pose

This relaxation pose relieves insomnia and fatigue. It is based around the cleansing effect of deep breathing. Seniors lie on their backs with arms to the side, palms up, and begin by taking a few slow, deep breaths. Then, continue breathing normally concentrating on letting go of any tension when exhaling. Cleansing the lungs is a great way to clear the mind while energizing the body.

2. Legs Up Wall

This yoga exercise is often referred to as the great rejuvenator. It has amazing restorative powers and helps older adults feel better and sleep for longer periods each at night. Seniors start by sitting on the floor with the side of the body a few inches from a wall, knees bent. Move the lower back to the floor and bring legs up the wall. Always support the upper body with the elbows on the floor. Hold this pose for several minutes then bring knees to chest and roll to the side.

3. Savasana

Savasana is a resting pose that is perfect right before bed. It gives the body a chance to relax after a hard day and prepares the mind and body for sleep. Seniors simply lie on their back and let their feet fall to the side. The arms are alongside the body but not touching with palms and face pointed upwards. The body should be allowed to feel heavy yet relaxed using a normal breathing pattern.

4. Standing Forward Bend

This pose uses gravity to help stretch out and relax the back, shoulders, and legs. Performing this exercise before bed helps stretch the muscle groups that tend to tense up during the day. Stand with the feet together and arms down by the side of the body. Lightly bend the knees and lean forward allowing the pull of gravity to bring the arms and upper body towards the floor. Keep breathing deeply to relax. Hold this position for 30 seconds and stand up by bending the knees and placing hands above the knee for support.

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