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How to Support Memory in Dementia Patients

Memory decline in patients with dementia is generally progressive, and it is difficult and frustrating for older adults and their loved ones to endure the emotional pain that is caused by memory loss. Though there is no known cure for dementia, the Santa Clarita dementia care experts at Home Care Assistance recommend the following activities that can be tried to support a senior loved one’s memory.

Memory Cards

A set of memory cards can be a great tool that can stimulate active thinking in dementia patients. Instead of using a set that is designed for children, which can seem undignified for a senior, a printer and card stock can be used to create a set of cards that portray familiar themes and people. To start, the game should be played with the cards facing upward with the senior looking to match like pictures.


If a senior with dementia is having trouble remembering people, old photographs can help him or her remember loved ones and important relationships. If caregivers are patient, the pictures may stimulate a flood of memories that can help support current recognition of family members and friends.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles with large pieces that have themes that are appropriate for adults can help stimulate cognitive function. Family members can create simple puzzles from pictures that are glued onto cardboard and then cut into large pieces. Using blown-up versions of old photos or favorite themes is a great way to combine skill maintenance with the powerful effects that reminiscing can provide.

Search Activities

Word search puzzles and games that challenge people to find hidden objects can be both fun and engaging, and activities that require seniors to find what is missing in a photograph or other picture can also offer an interesting task that stimulates the mind. Searching games not only promote active thinking, but they provide a sense of accomplishment when an item or word is found.

Cognitive Therapeutics

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is a wellness program that uses fun and simulating brain games to promote mental acuity and brain health. Developed by the scientific team at Home Care Assistance, this program is available exclusively to clients and can be performed from the comfort of your loved one’s home, in combination with his or her care.

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