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Everyday Activities that Strengthen Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills, one’s ability to reason, perceive, make judgments, and understand what is going on around them, are often negatively affected by the natural aging process. Older adults have a more difficult time processing what their senses tell them, which can impact their ability to perform simple, daily tasks. Fortunately, our professional in-home caregivers know a few things that seniors can do to stay sharp and alert in their golden years, starting with:

  • Engage in daily conversation. Conversation and social interaction helps seniors form and express opinions, give advice, and feel a sense of purpose. An activity as simple as calling an old friend every week or sharing memories with a grandchild helps seniors access their memory banks, keeping the brain stimulated and engaged.
  • Maintain social ties. Encourage the seniors in your life to get together with others, whether they are family or friends, and enjoy an activity. A weekly get-together for a book club or to play cards, or going to a local senior center for a game of bingo, gives your elderly loved one something to look forward to, and can help to strengthen their cognitive skills.
  • Learn new skills. Community centers and local universities often offer classes in wide range of topics including painting, art, language, and computer skills, some of which are designed specifically for seniors. These types of learning-based activities will provide social interaction, while challenging the brain to retain new information and learn new skills.
  • Change the daily routine. Small changes in your loved one’s daily routine can challenge him or her to use their mental and physical skills in a different way. Try encouraging them to write or brush their teeth with the non-dominant hand to help preserve the brain’s neural pathways and stave off cognitive conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Help your aging loved one stay active and connected, while fostering their sense of self-worth, and protect the cognitive skills that will increase their quality of life.

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