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Fast Facts about Senior Health

Whether you provide elderly home care in Santa Clarita for an aging parent or are just curious what the future holds, check out these following fast facts about senior health.

1. The body’s immune system can weaken with age, making your senior loved one more prone to catching illnesses, like a cold or the flu. One way to combat this is through getting an annual flu shot and pneumonia immunization.

2. Seniors process medications differently than other adults. Because of this, caregivers should pay special attention to dosing instructions and side effects.

3. An estimated 92 percent of older adults has one or more chronic medical condition.

4. An older person is treated in the emergency room for injuries due to a fall about every 15 seconds. Protocols exist to assess the safety of the home, and from the assessment, caregivers in Santa Clarita can create plans and perform fixes to reduce the likelihood of an elderly loved one falling.

5. Senior adults have a higher than average risk for depression. Their treatment options, including medication and counseling, are the same as younger individuals and often have good treatment outcomes.

6. People who are 85 or older have the highest suicide rate of any group, including young adults.

7. High blood pressure is very common among seniors. Close to 77 percent of women and 64 percent of men age 75 or older have hypertension, putting them at great risk for heart disease and stroke.

8. More people are living to the age of 100 hundred than ever before. At least one elderly person out of every 10,000 in the current generation will do so, enjoying true longevity.

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