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5 Signs Your Loved One Hasn’t Accepted a Dementia Diagnosis

While it’s not uncommon for family members to have a difficult time accepting a senior loved one’s dementia diagnosis, the senior diagnosed often goes through a period of denial as well. As challenging as it is to accept the diagnosis, acceptance is important for moving forward, making plans for the future, and finding peace. Here are a few common signs of denial, presented by a leading Santa Clarita home care agency.

1. Refusing to go to medical appointments

Many people struggling with a dementia diagnosis refuse to see any more doctors. This is one of the most common signs of denial, regardless of diagnosis. Your loved one’s refusal to see a doctor is his or her way of ignoring the disease and pretending it doesn’t really exist. 

2. Refusing help with routine tasks

Seniors who are in denial about dementia will often say they don’t need help with regular tasks or hygiene, even when they are obviously having trouble keeping up or managing these tasks on their own. 

3. Getting frustrated

Your loved one may get frustrated or angry at him or herself when unable to perform certain tasks or after forgetting something important. These outbursts are often followed by excuses or blaming it on old age.

4. Using “just getting old” as an excuse

In the early stages of dementia, many people struggle to accept the inevitable changes the future will bring. It’s not uncommon for seniors dealing with a dementia diagnosis to blame the symptoms on aging and write them off as nothing to worry about. 

5. Insisting on driving

People in the early stages of dementia might seem to drive well enough most of the time, but chances are they do not have full awareness of their surroundings or the ability to react as fast as necessary. Your loved one may also become lost easily in familiar neighborhoods, but insist on driving despite the danger.

After a dementia diagnosis, the future often feels uncertain. Just know that you and your loved one don’t have to face it alone. Home Care Assistance is a top provider of Santa Clarita dementia care, and we’ve helped families just like yours move forward after a difficult diagnosis. For information on our care services or to find out how we can help both you and your loved one, call 661.259.9914 and speak with a dedicated Care Manager today.