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5 Terrific Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors of Any Age

Mickey Mantle once said ”If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.” As we age, many people will not maintain their physical fitness to their best abilities. With the natural deterioration of joints, bones, and muscles it will be increasingly difficult to stay fit and work out. Fear of injury and pain prompts most of the elderly community to steer clear of exercising all-together.

With our experience in home care in Santa Clarita, we’ve found that for many seniors, there is a greater risk involved in being sedentary than remaining physically active. During the course of aging, cells will gradually die off, making the body frailer and prone to injury. One of the best ways to fight this process is by performing low-impact exercises. These light calisthenics can encourage the body to generate new cells while increasing bone density and muscle mass. The following list of low-impact exercises will help seniors to hit a home run in health and fitness.

  • Swimming – Any aerobic exercise performed in a pool will provide the body with the best conditioning possible. While the limited force of gravity generates little resistance on the entire body, the muscles and joints strengthen and improve within each swim session.
  • Cycling – Cycling on the street may be risky for seniors who may have issues with balance, but a stationary bike could be the solution to this problem. A stationary bike works out the large muscles in the legs, builds the abdomen, and helps to strengthen your core.
  • Walking – As the most natural of movements walking is an effective way to restore vitality and fitness in seniors. It can work out the largest muscles in the body like the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. For an aerobic benefit, seniors should try walking at a steady pace that increases the heart rate.
  • Lifting Weights – Weight lifting is an exercise that is most familiar with body builders, but seniors can benefit from it too. In general weight lifting increases bone density, muscle strength, and heart health. To get started seniors should start off with 2 pound or 5 pound hand weights and then increase them gradually.  
  • Yoga – This form of aerobics focuses on building up the body through concentration and proper alignment. During a workout session, many seniors will have to utilize specific breathing methods to facilitate relaxation and flexibility.

If you or your aging loved one are interested in starting any of the above exercises, be sure to consult with your doctor or primary care physician first. They will be able to evaluate your current abilities, provide you with safe fitness plans, and in some cases may recommend that exercises are done in the company of a family member or professional Santa Clarita caregiver to ensure safety.

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