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Stress Management Tips for Seniors

Stress management is vital for good health and wellbeing in people of all ages. Loss of a loved one, age-related diseases, and financial problems can trigger stress in seniors. It is important to jot down the cause of stress and find solutions to the problem. Here are tips from Home Care Assistance Santa Clarita that family caregivers can follow to reduce stress in seniors.


Exercise helps reduce stress in people of all ages, including the elderly. Good stress-reducing exercises for seniors include regular walks and light jogging. Yoga and breathing exercises also work well for seniors who want to improve cognitive strength, reduce stress, and prevent diseases related to stress.


Meditation, which does not require a certain level of physical ability or special equipment, can help bring about calmness and reduce stress. This relaxation technique helps the body repair itself from the effects of stress and prevent any further damage resulting from stress. Meditation boosts the immune system and suppresses cortisol, the aging hormone. Meditation involves clearing the mind while sitting in a relaxed position, so it should be done in a comfortable area that is free of distractions.

Staying Close to Family and Friends

Social interactions can help older people prevent stress and live a longer, healthy life. Staying close to friends and family makes seniors know that they are loved. Social support also prevents and alleviates stress-related diseases. Laughing, enjoying a funny movie, visiting a garden and taking an exploratory walk with family or friends are good ways of socializing.

Playing with a Pet

Pets are fun and loving. They attract attention as well as offer companionship and improve mental wellbeing of people. Cuddling a cat or walking a dog can help reduce stress and feelings of loneliness in seniors.

Stress levels can be high among the elderly due to loneliness and other reasons. Family caregivers of seniors should know the signs of stress. Staying active, exercising and practicing other stress-reducing techniques can help reduce stress and improve mental strength. It is vital to consult with a psychologist if stress persists.

Learn more about promoting senior wellness by reaching out to Home Care Assistance of Santa Clarita. Our proprietary care methods help seniors maintain mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing while remaining safe and comfortable at home and are available in all care plans at no additional cost. To learn more about our care services, including dementia and Alzheimer’s care in Santa Clarita, call 661.259.9914 today and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with a friendly Care Manager.