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Prepping Seniors for Hip Surgery

Hip surgery is becoming increasingly popular, particularly as a means to help alleviate severe arthritis pain or as the result of a fall. In some cases, the surgery may simply be carried out to restore normal walking and help joints function better. Regardless of the reason, many family caregivers hardly know where to begin when it comes to preparing seniors for hip surgery. Here are a few pre-surgery tips from Santa Clarita elder care professionals to put you in the right direction.

Find out all you can concerning the surgery

Speaking with your loved one’s physician about what the procedure involves will better prepare you as a caregiver for what to expect in the days, weeks, and even months after. The doctor will also explain how long your loved one will be in the hospital and the directions for managing pain afterwards. You should also be prepared to give the physician your loved one’s complete medical history, including any medications, vitamins, and supplements his or she is currently taking.

You will also want to ask the physician or anesthesiologist about the type of anesthesia that will be used during the procedure and what its side effects are.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle

When preparing for surgery, it is important for older adults to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes eating nutritious meals and staying away from controlled substances like alcohol and smoking. As a caregiver, it is also essential to help your loved one stay physically fit by doing simple exercises, especially ones that strengthen the legs and core. The doctor can recommend specific exercises depending on your loved one’s individual abilities.

Prepare the home 

After surgery, a lot of seniors may require extra care. Your loved one will likely require loose fitting clothes and a comfortable, firm chair. Ensure that the most-used items are kept nearby and walkways have been cleared of any tripping hazards. Depending on your loved one’s abilities, you may also want to consider Santa Clarita respite care to ensure someone is always available to assist your loved one when you can’t be there or simply need a break from caregiving responsibilities.

Be sure your senior loved one has all the help he or she needs for a safe and efficient recovery in the comfort of home with help from Home Care Assistance. We offer flexible hourly and live-in home care for seniors in Santa Clarita, ensuring your loved one has help any time of day or night. Our caregivers can assist with everything from cooking and cleaning to running errands and offering mobility support. For more information, request a free in-home consultation by calling 661.259.9914.