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5 Ways to Celebrate Senior Citizen’s Day

On August 21, National Senior Citizen’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to recognize the contributions that your loved one has made to your family and their community. From random acts of kindness to activities that will create lasting memories, here are some fun ways to spend this rewarding annual holiday.

1. Record Your Family History

Older adults have a wealth of experiences to share with both you and the younger generations of the family. Prepare a few open-ended questions to help get the conversation started and make a video recording or memory book that can be shared with the entire family.

2. Get Cooking

If your loved one lives nearby, consider bringing along an old favorite family recipe you can prepare together. Alternatively, you could drop by with a home-cooked meal you can share with your loved one. For long-distance loved ones, consider sending a care package filled with their favorite treats.

3. Attend a Community Event

Since 1988, many communities have been hosting events to get everyone involved in honoring senior adults. Check out your city’s website or speak with a Santa Clarita home care provider to find events ranging from concerts to picnics that can help your loved one connect with other older adults in their area.

4. Tackle a Chore

One of the greatest ways to honor your loved one is with a random act of kindness. Wash their car, take their dog to the groomer’s, or give their house a good cleaning. These little tasks can go a long way toward making your elderly relative feel loved and appreciated.

5. Pose for a Family Portrait

Often, families forget to take the time to create a lasting image of their loved ones. Arrange for your family to pose for a portrait together on this day. Whether you hire a professional or snap a selfie, a framed family portrait will make a perfect gift that serves as a reminder of your special day together.

You might also use this opportunity to speak with your loved one about their growing care needs and reliable, realistic solutions. If your elderly loved one could benefit from help with cooking, transportation, light cleaning, or running errands, it might be time to consider Santa Clarita hourly care. At Home Care Assistance, our trained caregivers can ensure your loved one has the necessary support to stay safe and comfortable in his or her own home. To learn more, call 661.259.9914 and request a complimentary in-home consultation.