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How Being a Caregiver Impacts Marriage

There are a number of ways your spousal relationship can shift when you become the primary caregiver for an elderly parent. Although these changes can sometimes negatively impact a marriage, understanding and identifying potential issues will help you better plan and manage the effect caregiving has on your marriage.


Witnessing your parent face death and operate in a limited capacity can have a profound effect on how you envision the world. Your priorities, motivations, and ideals may change. You may feel isolated, and your spouse may feel helpless as you struggle to understand yourself and the situation. 


If you’re also attempting to raise children, something inevitably gets lost along the way. Your ability to engage in your children’s lives can wear thin, and your spouse may harbor resentment for the attention you give to a parent as the life you’ve built together seemingly takes a back seat.


Whether it’s space or money, resources are finite. Extending finances or areas of your home to your parent can create tension and an inability to accommodate your own needs. Your spouse may feel guilt or pressure to provide security for your parent whether you’re truly capable of doing so or not. 


Once you begin providing home care in Santa Clarita for your aging parent, your spouse will most likely have to take on added responsibilities. Part of the care for your senior loved one may also shift to your spouse as well. Juggling additional tasks while trying to maintain your quality of life can breed resentment, elevated stress, and conflict.

Intense situations can hinder communication, but focus on the benefits of caregiving, know hardships occur, and initiate ongoing dialogue with your spouse to create understanding and growth in your relationship. If you both acknowledge changes together, an even stronger bond can be established between the two of you. Don’t hesitate to seek unbiased assistance from knowledgeable and professional resources if things become overwhelming.

You might also consider hiring respite care in Santa Clarita. A trusted home care provider, like Home Care Assistance, can ensure your loved one’s care needs are being met by a compassionate, experienced caregiver while you attend to your personal responsibilities and relationships. To learn more, please call 661.259.9914 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.