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5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Volunteer

The current generation of older adults is a treasure trove of individuals who have so much to offer to society, whether they use their vast knowledge to mentor underprivileged children or spend some free time comforting lonely, abandoned pets at a shelter. Seniors who volunteer not only help others, but reap many rewards for themselves.

As a premier provider of home care in Santa Clarita, CA, we take a holistic approach to care and know that it’s not just about meeting the physical needs of seniors, but their emotional and social needs as well. We always encourage our clients to engage with their caregivers, and believe that strengthening relationships in the local community can boost overall health, too. That said, here are five reasons why seniors should consider volunteering:

  1. Needed Services are Provided – With the current economic climate, many communities are unable to provide services that were once commonplace. Seniors can fill in the gaps by offering tutoring after school, acting as museum tour guides and getting involved with projects that enhance their neighborhoods.
  2. An Outlet for Talents – During the retirement years, older adults can enjoy devoting as much time as they wish on their passions. A master gardener can become immersed in the development of a new city park, avid readers will enjoy volunteering at the local library’s story hour and a fitness enthusiast can play a vital part in organizing charity races and other events.
  3. Increased Health Benefits – Research has shown that older adults who maintain an active social role in society are more physically fit and enjoy better health than their more sedentary counterparts. They are also less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.
  4. Fewer Incidences of Depression – Seniors who become isolated and pull away from their social lives have a very high risk for developing depression. Staying involved in meaningful activities provides older adults with a sense of satisfaction and forces them to realize that they are important and needed.
  5. Highlight Seniors in a New Light – Society idolizes youth. Seniors who are out in the community and working with younger generations provide an opportunity for people to see that the elderly population can share valuable knowledge and skills that can only be gained over time.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why families would want to encourage their aging loved ones to volunteer! To learn more about enhancing emotional health and wellbeing for seniors, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Santa Clarita today and see if our compassionate, in-home caregivers could be a good match for your loved one as they enter their golden years. Call 661-259-9914 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation today.