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Easy Exercises That Can Help Elderly Improve Balance

Balance is essential to the overall wellbeing of older adults who want to remain active and independent. To maintain good balance, seniors need to consistently do training exercises that focus on flexibility and strength throughout the body. Help your senior loved one improve his or her stability with the following exercises recommended by the leading providers of senior care in Santa Clarita.

1. Toe Stands

Toe stands are done standing behind a sturdy chair and are designed to strengthen the muscles in the ankles, calves, and hips. These muscles need to be kept strong because they hold the body upright and balanced. The legs act as the foundation for the entire body and play an important role in maintaining balance.

2. Upper Body Stretch

Seniors who are flexible experience a fuller range of motion in their joints. To complete the upper body stretch, your senior loved one only needs a wall to lean against. The main focus of this particular exercise is to keep seniors balanced and their equilibrium stable. Stretching the upper torso helps seniors experience freedom of movement while maintaining balance.

3. Balance Walk

There are exercises that are specifically designed to help older adults maintain their balance as they age. The balance walk (walking heel to toe) is a simple but effective exercise that helps seniors increase lower body strength while improving their balance.

4. Aerobics

Aerobic exercises such as yoga or dancing help seniors strengthen their muscles and heart all at the same time. Aerobics are an endurance activity that can be based around a senior’s individual abilities. Older adults see a marked improvement in their balance with regular endurance workouts.

5. Side Bends

Side bends are done in a seated position and work the core muscles of the body. Core muscles include all the muscles that are in the torso. These complex muscles need to be strengthened and maintained to keep the body balanced and stable. Easy exercises for seniors include side bends and isometric contractions, which engages the muscles in the core. 

If your senior loved one could use a helping hand during his or her exercise routine, turn to Home Care Assistance. We offer hourly and live-in care, and can also assist seniors with more advanced mobility issues through our comprehensive stroke and Parkinson’s care in Santa Clarita. Call 661.259.9914 to speak with a friendly Care Manager who can answer any questions you may have and tell you more about our extensive care services.