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5 Ways Home Care Promotes Independence for Elderly with Alzheimer’s

From help getting dressed in the morning to shopping for groceries, home care agencies in Santa Clarita offer a wide range of services for your elderly loved one. For older adults with Alzheimer’s disease, the ability to function independently within the comfort of home is one of the greatest benefits of in-home care. Here are five ways that caregivers can help your aging family member retain a measure of independence.

1. Help Staying Organized

Whether by updating a daily calendar or by assisting with meal preparation, Alzheimer’s caregivers can help your family member maintain an established routine, allowing your loved one to achieve daily goals. The feeling of accomplishment this provides helps seniors with memory loss preserve a sense of dignity and self-reliance.

2. Making Tasks Manageable

Activities like preparing and cooking a full meal are challenging for older adults struggling with forgetfulness. An in-home caregiver can break the activity down into small tasks and provide the oversight your loved one needs to live independently at home.

3. Help with Memory Loss

Multiple studies have shown that staying mentally active helps slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Trained in the latest developments in Alzheimer’s care, a qualified caregiver can engage your family member in conversations, games and activities that help preserve the cognitive abilities needed to live independently.

4. Caring Companionship

A caregiver in Santa Clarita also provides the social interaction that people with Alzheimer’s need to avoid feelings of loneliness, despair, and isolation. By building a relationship with your elderly loved one, an at-home caregiver can help your family member retain a sense of self-worth.

5. Support for Caregivers

Home care services not only provide help for aging loved ones but for their family members as well. By offering relief from caregiving duties, the decision to remove a senior with Alzheimer’s from his or her home can often be delayed, allowing an elderly loved one to live independently longer in the comfort of home.

If you’re the primary caregiver of a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s and could use support meeting his or her care needs, don’t hesitate to contact Home Care Assistance at [hca_phone]. Our respite caregivers in Santa Clarita give primary caregivers much-needed alone time while ensuring a senior continues to receive high-quality care in the comfort of home. Reach out today and request a free in-home consultation.