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Understanding How ADHD Affects the Elderly

An ADHD diagnosis may be surprising for seniors and their families who tend to associate this disorder with young children. However, it is becoming increasingly common for seniors to discover they have been living with this condition for years. While it may be reassuring to finally have an explanation for behaviors such as forgetfulness, it is important to know that ADHD symptoms and treatment strategies may require additional considerations for senior adults. Read on to learn more, presented by Home Care Assistance of Santa Clarita.

ADHD Symptoms vs. Changes Due to Aging

Forgetfulness is a hallmark symptom of ADD, and this symptom may cause seniors to visit the doctor out of the fear that they are experiencing age-related memory loss. Seniors with ADHD may also be distracted, confused, or have difficulty completing tasks during their daily routine. When these symptoms begin to disrupt a person’s quality of life, it is time to seek help from a doctor who can determine the cause of these symptoms.

What to Expect at the Doctor Visit

A senior’s doctor will take a careful inventory of his or her medical history. This is because other conditions, such as menopause or dementia, may also cause similar symptoms including forgetfulness and confusion. A doctor may also ask to speak to a senior’s family since many behaviors are more noticeable to others.

Treatment Strategies for Seniors

Seniors have a wide range of treatments to help them get the most out of life after an ADHD diagnosis. Prescription medications may be offered, however, they may not be the safest choice for those with cardiovascular disease. Seniors can also learn how to change their behaviors through counseling sessions, and organizational aids can be used to help seniors remember appointments and other important events throughout their day.

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